Daniel 6: The Habits You Create Today Shape Your Future

Begin each devotional with a prayer that God would open the eyes of your understanding. 

Day 1

SCRIPTURE: Daniel 6:1-5


  1. According to verse 3, what plans did Darius have for Daniel? 

  2. According to this same verse, why was this?


  1. Can you recall a time when someone that was jealous of your success tried to bring you down?

  2. Would you say that you handled this in a Christ-like way? 

  3. Is there something that you would do differently next time?

PRAY:  You may find it helpful to write out your prayer. 

Day 2

SCRIPTURE: Daniel 6:6-18


  1. According to Daniel 6:6, some administrators and satraps went to the king. Based on their goal, which administrator can you assume that they left out of their plans? 

  2. Don’t you find it peculiar that if Daniel was the king’s most trusted administrator (verse 3), the king would sign such a law without consulting him. What tactic did the officials use to get the king into an agreeable mood?

  3. Looking over verses 6-9, does there appear to be much time between the suggestion of the satraps/administrators and King Darius’ signing it into law?


  1. Beware of people that flatter you and appeal to your vanity. What does Proverbs 29:5 say about this? 

  2. Read Proverbs 11:14: Proverbs 19:2; and Proverbs 18:7. Based on these 3 verses and what you learn from the poor example of King Darius, write in your own words some good principles for wise decision making. 

PRAY:  You may find it helpful to write out your prayer. 

Day 3

SCRIPTURE: Daniel 6:19-28


When we are falsely accused by others, it is our natural tendency to want to defend ourselves. However, God is our defender (Romans 12:19) and can defend us far better than we can defend ourselves. 

  1. What was the outcome for Daniel’s accusers? 

  2. What was the ultimate outcome for Daniel (verse 28)?


God may allow people and circumstances to come against us even when we are being faithful to him. 

  1. According to James 1:2-4, what is one possible reason for this?

  2. According to John 9:1-3, what is another reason God may allow this? How do you see this played out in Daniel 6?

PRAY:  You may find it helpful to write out your prayer. 

Kim Catron