last updated: 20190408

Central Assembly Style Guide

Voice & Tone

  • In general when writing, consider what the audience needs to know, feel, and do.

  • Be plainspoken, avoid church jargon, and write positively.

Grammar and Mechanics

  • Use active voice. Avoid passive voice.

    • Yes: Students, join your parents and explore Jesus’ last days.

    • No: Students will be joining their parents to explore Jesus’ last days.

  • Spell out the day of the week and the month. Abbreviate only if space is an issue.

    • Yes: Sunday, April 14

    • No: Sun., Apr 14

  • Full time notation. Time period is lower case with no spaces or periods.

    • Yes: 6:00pm 12:30pm
      No: 12:30 PM, 6:30 p.m. or 6pm

  • When writing a list, use the serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma).

    • Yes: Join us for an evening of friendship, pizza, and bad bowling

    • No: Join us for an evening of friendship, pizza and bad bowling

    • Otherwise, use common sense. If you’re unsure, read the sentence out loud. Where you find yourself taking a breath, use a comma.

  • Use exclamation points sparingly, and never more than one at a time. They’re like high-fives: a well-timed one is great, but too many can be annoying.

  • Don't use ampersands unless one is part of an event name.

    • Yes: Dad & Daughter Game Night

    • No: Join us for pizza & games.

Life Stage subpages


Event Name Using Title Capitalization
Day, Date · Time · Location
Additional details using sentence capitalization.

Volunteer Leadership Enrichment
Sunday, April 14 · 12:15pm · MPH
Email Hannah Brooks to RSVP.

File Notation

  • Label files with the consideration of all the other files that are also hosted. Be consistent, start with a date, then label descriptively for the audience.

    • Yes: 20190407-Central Youth Devotions.pdf

    • No: 040719CentralYouthDevo-2.pdf