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The Central Legacy community exists to connect adults 60+
to God, to each other in friendship, and to their purpose in life.



Legacy Breakfast

Join us for breakfast on Thursday, February 7. Come enjoy a delicious homemade meal and warm fellowship. Get your tickets at the Legacy Kiosk in the foyer for $6 in advance or $6.50 at the door. If you celebrate a February birthday your meal is on Central.

  • Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Patties, Biscuits & Iron Skillet Gravy, Grits Casserole, Seasonal Fruit, Coffee, Tea, Juices


Matters of the Heart

necco hearts.jpg

Oh no! It can’t be! Valentine’s Day this year may be different than any other over the last 153 years! Those all-important, classic, conversation candy sweethearts will not be available this Valentine’s Day. You know, the ones that enabled shy, giggly boys to share their Valentine sentiments with equally shy, giggly girls! The New England Confectionery Company (Necco) will not be selling Sweethearts Conversation Hearts this year. Last July, Necco closed its doors and the Sweethearts brand was sold. Since Necco typically needed eleven months to produce the huge amount of candy hearts, there was not enough time for the new owners to fabricate the needed candy this year. Reports are, the candy conversation hearts will return in 2020. And, I’m sure the world - and romance - will survive one year without them! (Rumor even has it that you may find “substitutes” or leftovers-from-last year packages if you must!).

Candy hearts - just one of many Valentine’s Day traditions that we enjoy in our culture. How many boxes and bags of chocolate candy will be purchased and given as gifts? How many restaurant reservations will be made for Valentine’s Day dining? It’s a fun time. Enjoy!

Maybe Valentine’s Day is just not your thing...or is just a distant memory. Then take the opportunity to reflect - and celebrate - the authentic source of all love: We love because He first loved us (I John 4:19 NIV).

  • Around Valentine’s Day, Take time to read, study and reflect on I Corinthians 13, the Love Chapter of the Bible and pray that the God of Love will help put those words into reality and action in your life.

  • Around Valentine’s Day, Take time to reflect on the value of those whom you love, as well as those who love you, and who enrich your life every day.

  • Around Valentine’s Day, Take time to remember love in your past. That may mean a past romantic relationship, even marriage with your spouse now gone. It may mean remembering loving parents, or praising God for those enriching and enduring relationships which life has produced for you.

  • Around Valentine’s Day, Take time to remember that Jesus loves you...every day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and... Our love,
Pastor Don & Deborah

Upcoming Dates To Remember

  • March 7: Legacy Breakfast

  • April 4: Legacy Breakfast

  • May 2: Legacy Breakfast

  • June 6: Legacy Breakfast

  • July 11: Legacy Breakfast

  • July 11–12: 2019 Legacy Camp Meeting

  • August 8: Legacy Breakfast

  • September 12: Legacy Breakfast

  • October 10: Legacy Breakfast

  • November 21: Legacy Breakfast

  • December 13: Legacy Christmas Dinner

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