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The Central Legacy community exists to connect adults 60+
to God, to each other in friendship, and to their purpose in life.

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Join us for Our Celebrate the Legacy Breakfast Thursday, October 3. Dr. George O. Wood will be our guest speaker. You do not want to miss our celebration of the last five years of building a lasting spiritual legacy. Get your tickets at the Legacy Kiosk in the foyer for $6 in advance or $6.50 at the door. If you celebrate an October birthday, your meal is complimentary


Celebrate the Legacy

Sunday, September 29 through Thursday, October 3, we celebrate our last five years as Legacy Community, formerly SAM-Senior Adult Ministries. In the course of those five years, Legacy has become Legacy Community.

Multiple celebratory activities will be promoted during this five-day period. The final activity will be a memorable Celebration Breakfast on Thursday, October 3, with Dr. and Mrs. George O. Wood as our special guests. Dr. Wood is the former general superintendent of the Assemblies of God - USA, and currently serves as chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship.

We will use these five days to celebrate multiple aspects of the rich legacy which marks our awesome Legacy Community and its members.

Why are we celebrating the Legacy?
And why now?

Commemorating and celebrating are important to maintaining connection to life events, important milestones, significant moments for us. I consider the transition from SAM - Senior Adult Ministries to Legacy Community to be significant, both when we did it, and until now. It’s been five years. It’s a good moment to reflect, and celebrate, to take time to thank God for all He has done.

No events. No history.
— Dr. John York
Pastor Don Tucker

Pastor Don Tucker

A colleague of mine, Dr. John York, used to say “no events, no history.” At the time, I was involved in a lot of conference organizing and event planning. He would occasionally recite that to me to remind me that our work was important - making such events happen. I pray that Sept 29 - Oct 3 will be a remarkable moment that we can look back on, and be glad we did it.

We cannot accurately gauge progress in any journey unless we stop, evaluate, and measure how far we have come, and also to evaluate the road ahead.

Pastor Don & Deborah


Upcoming Dates To Remember

  • Flash Food ‘N Fun: any time!

  • October Celebrate The Legacy Breakfast: October 3

  • November Legacy Breakfast: November 7

  • Christmas Outing: November 19

  • Legacy Christmas Dinner: December 13


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